New Publication – The Macroeconomic Impact of the 1918–19 Influenza Pandemic in Sweden

New Publication: “The Macroeconomic Impact of the 1918–19 Influenza Pandemic in Sweden” by Martin Karlsson, Mykhailo Matvieiev (Aix-Marseille Université) and Masym Obrizan (Kyiv School of Economics). It has just been accepted for publication in the B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics.

The publication is the result of a long-standing co-operation between Professor Karlsson and the Kyiv School of Economics. Numerous graduate students in Germany, Ukraine, and other European countries have benefitted massively over the years from joint activities such as summer schools and research collaborations, including a DFG project that led to the above-mentioned publication. The final version of the manuscript was prepared under the most severe circumstances due to the heavy Russian shelling of Ukrainian cities.

The RTG expresses the deepest sympathy with and support for our colleagues in Ukraine, and for the entire Ukrainian people. We are determined to continue to pursue international co-operations with partners in Ukraine; and with researchers, regardless of nationality, who adhere to universal values of freedom of expression; legality; and respect for the equality of everyone.