New Publication -Nordic Academic Publishing in Health Economics

New Publication: “Nordic Academic Publishing in Health Economics” by Martin Karlsson and Björn Hammarfelt (University of Borås) has been accepted for publication in the Nordic Journal of Health Economics.


We analyse how the Nordic contribution to health economics has evolved over the past three decades – in quantitative and qualitative terms. Using a dataset of publications from five prominent field journals for health economics, we combine different empirical methods to analyse the general trends in terms of number of distinct publications, topics covered, and co-authorship relationships between countries and individuals. We find that the Nordic countries are responsible for a stable share of international publications in health economics. The topics that Nordic health economists publish on are relatively similar to those most prevalent in the international community, even though health insurance is remarkably absent as a research topic in Nordic countries. In terms of links between countries and co-authors, we see that Nordic researchers are well embedded in the international community, and that the Nordic research community has moved toward less hierarchical relationships.